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Active Directory Auditing



It is our belief that all organizations, irrespective of size, sector or budget, should be able to easily audit Active Directory changes without breaking the bank. Our award-winning Active Directory change auditing solution provides a scalable means to instantly track who, what, where and when changes are made to your Active Directory. It sends real time alerts and provides detailed Active Directory audit reports to help with all manner of security, systems management and compliance challenges.

Aside from alerting, reporting and meeting compliance mandates, this audit solution also offers users the ability to rollback changes made to Active Directory and an integrated HealthCheck monitoring of Active Directory. It provides a simple way of tracking and managing inactive Active Directory user accounts.

Active Directory Auditing Advantage

Powerful reporting and research to meet stringent auditing requirements

Service skills number one, two, three

Specially designed to control security events, monitor and audit.

Restrict access to the most vulnerable services to protect information.


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