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Alliance Key Manager


After you have encrypted your data you need to use security hardware (HSM) that easily integrates with your application database and allows you to deal with audits and requirements for dual control and separation of functions found in regulations like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, tech and other privacy standards.


It is for this reason that the key management cryptographic key manager helps organizations meet the FIPS 140 requirements regarding the management of 2 encryption birds.


The metric encryption of the key management solution creates, manages and distributes 128-bit, 192 bit, and 256-bit AES to any application or database that is running on any enterprise operating system ( windows, UNIX, Linux , IBMi , IBM z).

Alliance Key Manager Advantage

Creates, manages and distributes 128-bit cryptographic keys up to 256 AES bits.

Service skills number one, two, three

Uses AES algorithm to keep cryptographic keys encrypted.

A multiplatform product.


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