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MIMIX Share makes it easy to transform, enhance, and replicate data between databases in real time regardless of database management system or operating system.

MIMIX® Share™  has an easy, graphical interface that allows you to build a simple data movement model in which you define your host and servers, select your tables, choose your replication method, configure security, map fields and apply transformation methods. No programming is required. The creation of a model for one database works basically the same as any other, regardless of its platform, giving you a single view from which you can manage your entire database replication environment. As your databases grow and change, a model can easily be changed or expanded to include other tables.

Java-based graphical monitoring console keeps you updated on database replication status. Notifications on replication health and service interruptions can be sent to predefined distribution lists via SMTP email alerts.

Replication console gives you a single control point for managing data replication across databases and operating systems. For example, you can configure a data movement model to transform Oracle data into the exact format needed for an IBM Db2 or Microsoft SQL Server database.



Additional transformation methods can be added using Java-like scripting methods.

Service skills number one, two, three

You can map data between different tables, rows and columns.

MIMIX Share offers three methods for sending data from a source to one or more targets.


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