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Paranoia3 is the most direct way to encrypt your backups, without having to make changes to your operating system, backup software or procedures. This is the fourth generation of the Paranoia family and is used throughout the world by small and large organizations.

Paranoia3 works with all types of drive from the old drive to the latest LT07 technology. Avoid the risk of data being compromised. It implements AES Backup Encryption in a simple way. Implements tape backup encryption without affecting its environment. Paranoia3 is simply installed between the existing IBM i, Windows, AIX, Linux, Etc. server and backup device LTO6 example with little or no downtime required, AES Encryption can be implemented for your backup device without
having to change your existing hardware and software, which means no change in the medium is required.

Paranoia3 Advantage

Service skills number one, two, three

Does not require any type of backup software or operating system.

Cross-platform backup encryption hardware.


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