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Hacker Who Stole 620 Million Records has Stolen Another 127 Million Records from Another 8 Websites

A new report reveals that the hacker who stoles 620 million user data from 16 popular websites have stolen another 127 million data from another 8 websites.

The hacker listed the data on the dark web market place, according to analysts the data appears to be purchased from infamous Dream Market.

According to the TechCrunch report, the hacker has posted another set of data exfiltrated the 8 popular websites after the original post pulled off.

Here are the listings

  • 18 million records from travel booking site Ixigo

  • Live-video streaming site YouNow had 40 million records stolen

  • Houzz, which recently disclosed a data breach, is listed with 57 million records stolen

  • had 1.8 million accounts stolen

  • 450,000 records from cryptocurrency site Coinmama.

  • Roll20, a gaming site, had 4 million records listed

  • Stronghold Kingdoms, a multiplayer online game, had 5 million records listed

  • 1 million records from pet care delivery service PetFlow

The hacker selling the data for 2.909 in bitcoin which is $14,500. “According to the hacker’s listings, Ixigo and PetFlow used the old and outdated MD5 hashing algorithm to scramble passwords, which these days are easy to unscramble. YouNow is said to have not scrambled user passwords at all. reads TechCrunch report.”

Houzz suffered a data breach on December 2018, it was learned that attackers have stolen following information that includes Houzz usernames, one-way encrypted passwords salted uniquely per user, IP address, and city and ZIP code.

Earlier this month a massive database of 2.2 billion unique usernames and it’s passwords found freely distributed in hacker forums and torrents.

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