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About Us


Based in Miami, Florida, ExSystem is a company dedicated to the security and integrity of your data. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of data protection, with an unwavering commitment to preventing fraud and information theft. With our certification as an IBM Premier Business Partner, we provide top-notch, trustworthy products and services.

Our goal extends beyond being a mere provider. We strive to be a strategic partner for our clients, offering tailor-made solutions to safeguard their most confidential and high-value information. With a wide array of services, from Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to cloud migrations and IBMi server management, we offer flexible, bespoke options to meet any IT need.

Innovation is in our DNA. We work tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge of technology, offering cloud-based services like ExCloud, which allows our clients to deploy servers with a single click. In doing so, we help them adapt to the ever-changing challenges of IT security and stay one step ahead of potential threats.

At ExSystem, our strength lies in our team. Every member of our staff is highly trained and qualified, ready to provide exceptional solutions to any IT challenge that may arise. We combine our technical skill with superior customer service, because we know that true excellence is not just about solving problems, but also about building lasting relationships with our clients.

Welcome to ExSystem, where information security and outstanding customer service are our passion.

ExSystem was born out of GTSUPPORT, expanding its operations within the United States with a specific focus on compliance and security audit software for the IBM i platform. Our history is steeped in technological prowess, with our team of seasoned professionals boasting extensive experience in technological solutions, consulting, and strategic analysis. Our roots in GTSUPPORT grant us the solid foundation upon which we have built our reputation for excellence in the industry.

Our Story

we are dedicated to empowering our clients by securing their valuable data and resources. In today's intricate and tech-savvy landscape, threats emerge from every corner of the connected world. We commit ourselves to be the shield against these complexities, providing robust solutions that withstand the test of time.

Our Vision

At ExSystem, we offer an array of premium services that cater to diverse technological needs. This includes audit and integrity control consultancy, coupled with installation, support, and training for our diverse product lineup and the IBM i platform. Our mission is to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge for a seamless, secure tech experience.


MEET ExSystem

Why Invest in Server Security?

“For the entire organization it is a priority to keep your assets in good shelter and one of the most valuable in the world of organizations is the asset of information.”

Yober Jimenez
CEO of EXSystem

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