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About Us


ExSystem is a company based in Miami, Florida and is a subsidiary of GT Support. We are a company that offers services to protect private information as well prevent fraud and information theft. All our products, here at ExSystem, are certified by IBM Premier Business Partner.


Our company is focused on distributing products and services aimed at strengthening the protection of highly important and confidential information that is stored in the IBMi servers. Through our many services we can help stop IT security breaches and prevent any potential theft of information. Our staff is highly trained and qualified guaranteeing great solutions to any IT issues that may arise with exceptional customer service.

ExSystem is a subsidiary of GTSUPPORT in the United States specializing in compliance and security audit software for the IBM i platform our professionals have experience in computer and technology solutions, consulting and strategic analysis.

Our Story

We help our customers secure their data and resources against the complex threats that face them in this modern hi-tech world and internet connection. 

Our Vision

ExSystem provides a range of first-class services, including consultancy for audit and integrity control as well as installation, support and training for our products and IBM i plataform. 


MEET ExSystem

Why Invest in Server Security?

“For the entire organization it is a priority to keep your assets in good shelter and one of the most valuable in the world of organizations is the asset of information.”

Yober Jimenez
CEO of EXSystem

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