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FTP Encryption IBM i


FTP Manager for IBM i, secure your data as you move to and from external system using secure (SFTP FTPS) using encryption technologies such as PGP or AES.

Advantages of FTP Manager:
FTP Automation.
Automate the sending and receiving of files with the integration of database.
Secure FTP sessions with SSl FTP.
Communications with full support for implicit SSL.
Secure FTP with SSH SFTP secure FTP transfers with encryption.
Shell SFTP secure.
PGP encryption command line.
The use of commercial PGP with FIPS-140.
NIST certification.
FTP complies with NIST standards.
Apply AES encryption to PGP files transmitted.

 FTP Encryption Advantage

Secure your data as you move to and from external systems using Secure FTP (SFTP / FTPS).

Service skills number one, two, three

Secure FTP transfer complies with the most stringent regulations such as PCI, SOX, among others.

Can send and receive files and comply with PCI regulations, as well as audit regulations.


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