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Software development

Computer services such as Software Development, Apps, Web Pages and everything you need .

Custom software

Responsive Web Design

APPS iOS - Android

We are specialized in custom software development. We carry out personalized computer services adapted to each company or business idea.

Web Design We develop Web Pages adapted to mobiles, multilanguages, optimized (SEO), self-managed and with a security certificate. We manage Domains and Hosting.

We have an entire department specialized in the design and development of Mobile Applications for Android, Windows Phone and iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.).


Specialists in IBM i platforms, with extensive experience in: Banking Processes, transactional networks, and Integration of technological solutions.

Online stores

We make online stores adapted to mobiles, multilanguages, multicurrencies and optimized for search engines. We integrate it with your management program.

Web maintenance

We are specialists in the maintenance of web pages on different platforms: Prestashop, WordPress, Woocommerce....

"We make custom software, adapted to your needs"

We develop the management plan your company needs.

We provide personalized IT services.​​​We create desktop, cloud and mobile management applications.

​​​We integrate between programs, apps, websites and online stores.

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Our Products

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IBM i software security 


Dashboard control for any platform.

Datamasking blockchain

Two Factor Authentication for IBM i

Yober Jimenez
CEO Exsystem

Our Partner

Exsystem is a Business Partner of IBM 
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