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This technology helps reduce security weakness by relying on passwords or  passphrases as the primary and unique authentication mechanism. 

2AF improves the security of your business applications and helps you improve  IBM i security through the incorporation of two authentication factors based on  coordinate card technologies or sending SMS to mobile device via an API for this  service. 

The direct benefits of using 2AF are, the immediate improvement in the security of  your systems and applications, dramatically reducing the ability to guess or  discover password, reduces data theft, and complies with regulations and audit  requirements such as PCI.   

IPSECURITY 2FA Authentication Factor Advantage

Having a double authentication factor reduces the possibility of someone guessing or discovering your password entering the system.

Service skills number one, two, three

Drastically reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

The implementation of 2AF complies with international regulations such as PCI, HIPAA and the audit requirements required by all companies that process electronic payments.


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