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IT security systems for IBM i,
Windows, SQL-Server environments

ExSystem presents its wide range of products and services certified by the world leading IBM company, thus providing security for your IBM i and mitigating the risk of breaching and or extracting sensitive information for both your company 

and your customer.  

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DataMasking With

DataMasking has a very specific function, the process of replacing sensitive data with a similar non sensitive IBM i, SQL server, Oracle, My SQL...


It is the management tool that  allows monitoring and alerting of  performance problems that could  potentially affect the performance of IBM i...

Encryption for IBM i

This product allows you to encrypt 1 million credit card numbers in less  than one CPU second.  This product is highly optimized for performance...

FTP Security

FTP Manager for IBM i, secure your data as you move to and from external system using secure (SFTP FTPS) using encryption technologies such as PGP or AES...

IPSecurity Syslog

It is a registration system that allows administrators to automatically collect and transmit IBM i system security events....

Alliance Key Manager 


After you have encrypted your data you need to use security hardware (HSM) that easily integrates with your application database and allows you to deal...

Encryptonizer for SQL Server

Securing sensitive data or meeting the new compliance standards (HIPPA, Omnibus, PCI, FIPS 140-2) on SQL Server...



IT security systems

Factor Authentication 
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This technology helps reduce  security weakness by relying on  passwords or passphrases as the  primary and unique authentication mechanism.... 

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This is the complete, easy to use, detailed solution to audit and protect your IBM i, it offers complete control of your IBM i...

Active Directory, File and SQL Auditing

It is our belief that all organizations, irrespective of size, sector or budget, should be able to easily audit Active Directory changes without breaking the bank...

Why Invest in Server Security?

“For the entire organization, it is a priority to keep your assets in good shelter and one of the most valuable in the world of organizations is the asset of information.”

Yober Jimenez
CEO of EXSystem

MEET ExSystem

Our Story

ExSystem is a subsidiary of GTSUPPORT in the United States specializing in compliance and security audit software for the IBM i platform our professionals have experience in computer and technology solutions, consulting and strategic analysis.

Our Vision

We help our customers secure their data and resources against the complex threats that face them in this modern hi-tech world and internet connection. 


ExSystem provides a range of first-class services, including consultancy for audit and integrity control as well as installation, support and training for the our products and IBM i platform. 

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