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Proteja su IBM i con IPSecurity, la solución completa y fácil de usar para auditar y proteger su plataforma. Controle el acceso a la red y comandos de usuarios, realice auditorías de alertas del sistema IDS y monitoree puntos de salida. Todo en una interfaz gráfica simple de administrar. Obtenga seguridad y control completo de su IBM i con IPSecurity.

IPSecurity is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and detailed security solution, specifically designed to protect and audit your IBM i server. This solution provides complete control over your IBM i platform, enabling system administrators and auditors to manage efficiently and safely. IPSecurity combines the protection and control of exit points, monitoring, IDS system alerts auditing, and overall security administration, all through a straightforward user interface.

This security suite includes network access controls and command control over privileged users like QSECOFR, as well as SQL and QRY audits. External accesses can also be monitored and controlled through the exit points, providing a robust security shield for your IBM i system.

In addition, IPSecurity goes a step further by integrating the IPSecurity AI module. This module enhances security management by incorporating Artificial Intelligence for real-time analysis of your security alerts. This Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool that continuously learns and adapts to new security threats and challenges, allowing IPSecurity AI to provide a protection level that exceeds the highest expectations.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in IPSecurity AI offers real-time advice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through its security chatbot. This assistant is always at your disposal to help you overcome any security challenge that may arise. Moreover, IPSecurity AI generates detailed reports based on its analysis of security alerts. These reports provide you with valuable information about the security status of your IBM i server, offering clear and specific measures to further enhance your protection.

IPSecurity AI also ensures that you will never miss a security alert again. All alerts are sent directly to your email inbox, making sure you are always aware of any significant security developments. With IPSecurity and its Artificial Intelligence module, you get a cutting-edge security solution for your IBM i server.

Discover how IPSecurity with its Artificial Intelligence module can transform the security of your IBM i server. Don't be left behind in this era of Artificial Intelligence-driven security.


IPSecurity Advantage

Powerful reporting and research to meet stringent auditing requirements.

Service skills number one, two, three

Specially designed to control IBM i security events, monitor and audit.

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