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About us

GTSUPPORT creates data privacy solutions that allow our clients to provide the most advanced security and monitoring solutions for IBM i/IBM z/Unix/Linux and Windows platforms, with which the client can meet the integrity and availability requirements. On these platforms, these solutions are IPsecurity, developed by our company to guarantee access control and security auditing.

What are we thinking? GTSUPPORT C.A our expansion, all of our products and services now up and running in the US. We have changed and grown our brand from the original GTSUPPORT to those of EXSYSTEM. Because sometimes a new name is actually a good thing. I have never been more excited about what is happening in the information technology space or the future opportunities for GTSUPPORT/EXSYSTEM our clients have helped us grow over the last 17 years. Thank you. To all those who will continue our development in the coming years. We look forward to your presence.

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