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About us

At Exsystem, we are thrilled to share the news of our recent merger with GTSupport, a leading firm specializing in data privacy solution development. This partnership enables us to provide cutting-edge security and monitoring solutions for IBM i/IBM z/Unix/Linux and Windows platforms, empowering our clients to achieve the highest levels of integrity and availability.

Our offerings include IPsecurity solutions, designed by our team, which deliver access control and security auditing for the platforms mentioned above.

In line with our growth strategy in the United States, we have consolidated all our products and services under the Exsystem brand. This move is driven by our ambition to strengthen our brand and broaden our reach in the technology market. We are eager to embrace the future opportunities that lie ahead and express our gratitude to our clients for supporting our growth over the past 17 years.

We appreciate all those who will continue to back our progress in the years to come. We look forward to maintaining your trust and presence in our company.

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