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What activities can I do within the organization to comply with PCI DSS regulations?

The data security standards of the payment card industry (PCI DSS) were developed to encourage and improve the security of the cardholder's data and facilitate the adoption of uniform security measures worldwide, which must be applied to all entities that store, process or transmit data of the cardholder and / or confidential authentication data.

However, to comply with these standards, they must be implemented in the usual activities as part of the overall security strategy. This allows the entity to constantly monitor the effectiveness of security controls and maintaining PCI DSS compliance in the environment between the PCI DSS assessments.

These activities focus on:

1. Monitor security controls.

2. Guarantee the detection of all failures in security controls and solve them in a timely manner.

3. Review the changes implemented in the environment.

4. If changes are made to the organizational structure, a formal review of the impact on the scope and requirements of the PCI DSS must be made.

5. Periodic reviews and releases must be made to confirm that the requirements of the PCI DSS are still being implemented and that the personnel comply with the security processes.

6. Review hardware and software technologies at least once a year to confirm that the provider continues to support them and assure they can meet the security requirements of the entity, including PCI DSS itself.

In addition, Exsystem provides a set of tools that will help you keep your organization up to date with PCI DSS regulations. Visit our website for more information.

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